★item239 楽譜「スリップ・ストリーム」トロンボーン&ループステーション&トロンボーン・オクテット "Slipstream" F.マイヤー作曲

★item239 楽譜「スリップ・ストリーム」トロンボーン&ループステーション&トロンボーン・オクテット "Slipstream" F.マイヤー作曲


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オランダ人作編曲家フロリアン・マイヤーが、ニュー・トロンボーン・コレクティヴとFonds Podiumkunstenの委嘱でユルゲン・ファン・ライエンのために作曲した、トロンボーン・ソロとループステーションのための「スリップストリーム」です。 ※ 同曲のトロンボーン・ソロ+ループステーションのみのバージョンも別でお取り扱いしています。 サンプル(オクテットなしのバージョン): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2dqO5PQGTE SLIPSTREAM is the next installment in a series of ensemble music written for single players. Besides the advanced level of notes for the trombone, this piece requires a great deal of virtuosity and almost inhuman precision in recording and controlling the loops - the soloist is at the same time his own band and DJ. Any mistake or imprecision while recording will haunt the player till the end of the passage or piece. For this reason, the player has to make sure he's ready to start and play every new loop flawlessly. It is much preferred that the player wait one round of loops if necessary before continuing to the next passage, than rushing into something he's not ready for. The player has to make the piece his own in that sense, and every player has to find his own way in this. Of course, it is desired for the loops to succeed each other as seamlessly as possible, but the player should always keep a relaxed and balanced mind while at the helm of this unusual piece. [Requirements] Trombone: straight mute, wahwah-mute, (clip-on) microphone Loop Station: This piece was written with the Boss RC-300 Loop Station in mind, but may be performed with any other, similar device as long as it fulfills these requirements: - 3 independent channels with different loop lengths and panning, syncable in tempo - microphone input - octaver effect (-1200 cents) on input (or external octaver routed before loop station input) - some reverb on audio sum is desired - maximum loop duration of at least 16 seconds - headphone output for monitoring with optional click / rhythm track for timekeeping